Saturday, May 12, 2012

Makeup :: Sleek Makeup Blush in Santorini

I fell in love with Sleek blushes. I love the pigmentation, shades and quality in general. The first one I got was Pixie Pink which I thought is a bright pink. But when I got Santorini from Meditearrranean Collection Pixie Pink doesn't seem to be that bright anymore. Santorini is a hot pink, very intense and bold. It gives me a fresh and girly look, even though I'm very pale and these kind of shades are said to be good for darker skintones. 

It's a coour you have to be very careful with. It blends easily but remeber that it's easier to add some more blusher than take it off your face. I wouldn't recommend using a blush brush, it's better to grab something that won't absorb that much of a product. I use my Inglot 27 TG duo fibre brush or sephora fan brush.

I wish Blush By 3 were available in Poland. Do you like Sleek blushes? Which shade is your favourite?

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