Sunday, May 27, 2012

Makeup :: L'Oréal L’Or Electric collection

I love L'Oréal Color Infaillible eyeshadows, I said that so many times but it's true. Everytime I'm in a drugstore I check if there are any new colours. Usually the range consists of only eight shades or so but sometimes there are nice surprises. Last two months I my collection expanded a bit, today I'm going to show you two of the shades I bought. 

Both come with a L’Or Electric limited edition, consisting of three Color Infaillible eyeshadows (037 Metallic Lilac, 039 Magnetic Coral, 040 Cosmic Black),  three  lipsticks (402 Electric Fuchsia, 406 Neonic Orange, 407 Metallic Coral) and three beautiful nail polishes (807 Majestic Green, 810 Mythic Carpet, 811 Magic Croisette). I bought only two shadows - 039 Magnetic Coral and 040 Cosmic Black, because I found 037 Metallic Lilac to cool and silvery for me.

Both shadows I bought have shiny finish. It says "iridescent" on the pot but they differ from each other. Magnetic Coral is softer and more metallic, whereas Cosmic Black is more like a matte with a shimmer but still intense and easy to use.

As for colours, in my opinion the names are quite misguiding. For me Magnetic Coral is too orange to be called "coral", even though it has some pink sheen to it. Cosmic Black is more like a dark khaki-sh black with golden shimmer. Both shadows are beautiful. Magnetic Coral is too warm for me to be worn on its own but look great with turquoise, sea green, purple. Great for a colourful summery look. Cosmic Black is great for an evening smoky eye or worn as an eyeliner. 

040 Cosmic Black and 039 Magnetic Coral

040 Cosmic Black and 039 Magnetic Coral

039 Magnetic Coral

040 Cosmic Black

039 Magnetic Coral and 040 Cosmic Black

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  1. Both are very beautiful! But you are right that it is more orange that corall.


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