Friday, March 2, 2012

Nails :: Sally Hansen Dive Deeper

There aren't any traces of snow left, it's not even that cold, the birds are singing but still it doesn't feel like spring. But I have spring on my nails thanks to Sally Hansen in Dive Deeper.

I'm not sure if I'd chosen this shade if had a chance to see it in person. I bought in via the Internet and was quite surprised when I took it out from the envelope. I was afraid it would make my skin look corpse-like but luckily it's a very flattering shade. It's light blue with a hint of mint. There's a lot of multicolored shimmer in it - white, blue and pink. 

It is quite sheer, in the picture I have three coats, but in fact even two coats look nice despite the transparency. It's a very gentle and romantic shade. It dries quickly, I didn't have any problems with apllying three coats.

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