Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Makeup :: L'Oréal Rouge Caresse lipstick in 403 Hypnotic Red

One of the things I recently bought and really love is a new L'Oréal Rouge Caresse lipstick in 403 Hypnotic Red. In fact I like it so much I'd love to get other shades.

I really like the packaging, it' sleek and looks almost high-end. It's advertised (at least in Poland) as a mix of a lipstick and a lipbalm but for me is more like a tinted lip balm, it gives sheer colour and is very moisturizing. It's easy to apply even without a mirror. It has some scent to it but it's not too intense.

403 Hypnotic Red looks quite bright in a tube, but gives a sheer raspberry colour on the lips. 

L'Oréal, Rouge Caresse, 403 Hypnotic Red

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  1. What a gorgeous shade! I will definitely have to pick one up! xx


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