Thursday, March 1, 2012

Makeup :: Catrice, Intensif'Eye Shadow Wet & Dry 010 - rubbish!

I'm so disappointed with the new Catrice products. I didn't like nail polishes (here and here), eyeshadow quad is not that bad but pigmentation is not impressive. But Intensif'Eye Shadow Wet & Dry in shade 010 Black or White Swan? is a total disaster.

I like wet&dry eyeshadows in general because I like use them wet as eyeliners. There was a tester at the drugstore so I checked out new Catrice Intensif'Eye Shadow Wet & Dry, of course dry. I wasn't impressed (pigmentation is extremaly poor) but I decided to give it a try as I was planning to use it only wet. I imagined that beautiful black line with brown and gold shimmer... However, I was susprised to find that it's rubbish even used wet. It falls out, flakes off, the simmer goes everywhere. Pigmentation is poor, coverage uneven. Moreover it's not black at all, rather grey with gold shimmer and looks dirty and unattractive. It fades and gets even more grey when it dries.

Intensif'Eye Wet&Dry Shadow, 010 Black or White Swan?

Intensif'Eye Wet&Dry Shadow, 010 Black or White Swan?

dry & wet

Today I decided to give it one last try. Overall, I used this shadow only a few times (less than ten), so imagine my surprise when I hit the pan... Underneath the eyeshadow there's a thick disc, which imitates the eyeshadow...

There's 0.8 g of eyeshadow but this doesn't shock me. However I can not believe how quickly Catrice shadow uses up. It's rediculous.


  1. I've just tried one of the new nail polishes and it's really bad! :(

    I have a bunch of their polishes and they're all great, so I don't know what happened....

    1. I don't understand it either :( It seems they've changed the formula because I used to like their nail polishes and those new are rubbish.


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