Friday, February 10, 2012

Nails :: Catrice, 840 Genius in the Bottle - really?

One of the new shades of nail polishes in Catrice range is 840 Catrice Genius in the Bottle. I was drawn to it at the store because it's a greenish gold with the "petrol" effect. Today I put it on my nails and removed it right away taking the pictures...

On my nails that duochrome petrol effect disappears leaving just that greenish gold colour, which is by the way pretty, but it's not what I exected. Instead of a beautiful unique nail polish I have almost the exact copy of my Colour Alike (a great Polish brand) in 467, which I really like and was even one of my favorites of 2011. But that was not the reason why I removed Catrice nail polish. It just dries sooooo long (two coats) that I destroyed the coats taking pictures.

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