Saturday, February 18, 2012

Makeup :: My (almost) new neutral Inglot eyeshadow palette

Recently I decided to rearrange my two neutral Inglot eyeshadow palettes. So far I stored them in two ten-pan magnetic palettes but it wasn't convenient because I usually use both of them. I bought a 20-pan magnetic palette and now I have all Inglot neutrals in one place which makes it so much easier to use. A side effect of that is that now I have two empty 10-pan palettes and I'm tempted to buy some more colours...

The magnets are much stronger than in the smaller Inglot palettes, so you need to be careful when opening because they can accidentally catch a shadow.

Inglot #P 44

Inglot #P 402

Inglot #DS 461

Inglot #P 397

Inglot #M 352

Inglot #M 348

Inglot #P 354

Inglot # AMC Shine 112

Inglot #P 399

Inglot #AMC SHINE 142

Inglot #DS 500

Inglot #P 420

Inglot #M 363

Inglot #AMC SHINE 110

Inglot #P 395

Inglot #AMC FR 62

Inglot #P 434

Inglot #P 423

Inglot #P 393

Inglot #M 390


By the way, I came to the conclusion that I would use all my Sleek eyeshadow palettes more often if they were depoted into one big palette. I could group them in some more useful way. Usually I use more than one palette at a time because I get bored with colour matches that someone else came up with. Do you prefer the original eyeshadow packaging or do you depot your eyeshadows?

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