Friday, July 20, 2012

Makeup :: EOTD - summery turquoise

This is my today's makeup - quick and easy, yet colourful and summery. I like bright eyeliners but I definitely need something dark along the lashline, hence the two lines - turquoise and black.

What I used
As a base I applied MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study [8] on the entire eyelid. Then I applied light brown shadow [2] from last year's limited edition The Body Shop Boho Beauty Palette in the crease. On lower eyelid and the water line I applied waterproof Yves Rocher eyeliner pencil [4], then I used the same pencil to draw a line on my upper eyelid, extending it a bit outwards. Then I applied turquoise eyeshadow [1] from Sleek Curaçao eyeshadow palette over the eyeliner pencil, in the center of lower eyelid I used a lighter shade [3]. Then I applied black Color Tattoo [7] eyeshadow close to the lashline on the upper eyelid and in the inner rim. I applied Max Factor  2000 Calorie Dramatic Look mascara [5] and fixed my eyebrows with clear Miss Sporty mascara [6].

I didn't apply much to the rest of the face, just some higlighting base from Essence to my cheekbones, theBalm DownBoy blusher, some Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, translucent Revlon PhotoReady powder to my T zone and some Carmex on the lips. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Makeup :: Lily Cole Collection for The Body Shop - Puff On Radiance

Yesterday I visited my local The Body Shop store to see Lily Cole Collection which finally was launched in Poland. Of course I paid special attention to the two products which were the most tempting in promo pictures, that is Puff On Radiance and Pearl Radiance Primer. To be honest everything in this collection is super cute. Finally I bought Puff On Radiance, just couldn't resist.

It's a highlighting or rather shimmering powder in a form of little beads. I was suprised by the size of the packaging, it's almost the size of a tennis ball. It's super cute and a bit kitschy, reminds me of a candy box. There's a puff which I don't think would be useful but looks pretty. The beads are in three colours, together they create a golden peachy shade of shimmer. It will be nice for decolletage I think. 

I'm really disappointed with the primer (I have a sample of it). It looks so pretty in the bottle but when you squirt it out it looks a bit disgusting. The texture is uneven and you have to rub it well so that there are no grains. It soaks in quicly and leaves silver shimmer on the sking which I don't like. When you apply it under foundation it actually doesn't give any effect whatsoever. Honestly I can't see any benefits of this product. 




Have you seen this collection? What do you think about it?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Makeup :: L'Oréal L’Or Electric collection

I love L'Oréal Color Infaillible eyeshadows, I said that so many times but it's true. Everytime I'm in a drugstore I check if there are any new colours. Usually the range consists of only eight shades or so but sometimes there are nice surprises. Last two months I my collection expanded a bit, today I'm going to show you two of the shades I bought. 

Both come with a L’Or Electric limited edition, consisting of three Color Infaillible eyeshadows (037 Metallic Lilac, 039 Magnetic Coral, 040 Cosmic Black),  three  lipsticks (402 Electric Fuchsia, 406 Neonic Orange, 407 Metallic Coral) and three beautiful nail polishes (807 Majestic Green, 810 Mythic Carpet, 811 Magic Croisette). I bought only two shadows - 039 Magnetic Coral and 040 Cosmic Black, because I found 037 Metallic Lilac to cool and silvery for me.

Both shadows I bought have shiny finish. It says "iridescent" on the pot but they differ from each other. Magnetic Coral is softer and more metallic, whereas Cosmic Black is more like a matte with a shimmer but still intense and easy to use.

As for colours, in my opinion the names are quite misguiding. For me Magnetic Coral is too orange to be called "coral", even though it has some pink sheen to it. Cosmic Black is more like a dark khaki-sh black with golden shimmer. Both shadows are beautiful. Magnetic Coral is too warm for me to be worn on its own but look great with turquoise, sea green, purple. Great for a colourful summery look. Cosmic Black is great for an evening smoky eye or worn as an eyeliner. 

040 Cosmic Black and 039 Magnetic Coral

040 Cosmic Black and 039 Magnetic Coral

039 Magnetic Coral

040 Cosmic Black

039 Magnetic Coral and 040 Cosmic Black

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Makeup :: Sleek Makeup Blush in Santorini

I fell in love with Sleek blushes. I love the pigmentation, shades and quality in general. The first one I got was Pixie Pink which I thought is a bright pink. But when I got Santorini from Meditearrranean Collection Pixie Pink doesn't seem to be that bright anymore. Santorini is a hot pink, very intense and bold. It gives me a fresh and girly look, even though I'm very pale and these kind of shades are said to be good for darker skintones. 

It's a coour you have to be very careful with. It blends easily but remeber that it's easier to add some more blusher than take it off your face. I wouldn't recommend using a blush brush, it's better to grab something that won't absorb that much of a product. I use my Inglot 27 TG duo fibre brush or sephora fan brush.

I wish Blush By 3 were available in Poland. Do you like Sleek blushes? Which shade is your favourite?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nails :: H&M Wanna Pepperoni

It's very hot in Poland right now. All of the sudden spring changed into hot summer. One of the ways to deal with high temperatures, though not typical for Polish people at all, is spicy food. I adore everything that's spicy! Today I had a delicious sour & hot fish with olives, capparis and jalapeño. There's a spicy colour on my nails as well: Wanna Pepperoni by H&M.

It's a surprisingly good nail polish. It's very opaque, one coat is enough, goes on smoothly, with no streaks. I 'll defeinitely check other shades. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Makeup :: Khaki and pink [FOTD]

In today's makeup I used one of my favourite and safe colour matches - pink and khaki. I used a kind of dirty, slightly brownish pinks from my Bourjois trio and a khaki mineral eyeshadow by Lily Lolo. Another Bourjois product I used was Bourjois Volume Glamour Maxi Definition Mascara, which is a great mascara but a pain in the back to remove. It doesn't say it's waterproof or longlasting but you need a waterproof makeup remover (lots of it!) to take it off. But still it's a nice mascara that lasts all day with abosolutely no smudging. 

Hope you'll like the makeup :)

Products I used: 
Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in Porcelain
Lily Lolo Mineral Highlighter in Stardust
Lily Lolo Mineral Blush in Candy Girl
Lily Lolo mineral eyeshadow in Khaki Sparkle
Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow, 05 Rose Vintage
Effet Smoky eyepencil in Ultra Black
Paint Pot MAC in Quite Natural (as an eyeshadow base)
Bourjois Volume Glamour Maxi Definition mascara
Celia lipstick in 602

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Makeup :: EOTD - green and pink

Looks almost like a beetle - shiny and duochrome-ish even though I haven't used any duochrome eyeshadow. The only product that changes its colour is Gosh eye pencil which varies from hot pink to purple. Hope you'll like it :).

Max Factor, False Lash Effect Mascara
L'Oréal, Colour Infaillible, 09 Permament Khaki i 004 Forever Pink
MAC, Paint Pot, Quite Natural (as an eyeshadow base)
Bourjois, Effet Smoky Eye Pencil, Ultra black
Gosh, Tropical Eye Pencil, 101 Pure Pink

Friday, April 13, 2012

Makeup :: L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks - again

Some time ago I showed new L'oreal's Rouge Caresse lipstick in 403 Hypnotic Red. I like it so much that I decided to get two more - 102 Mauve Cherie and 203 Rock'n Mauve.

102 Mauve Cherie is a neutral pink, a safe shade that can be applied even without a mirror. 203 Rock'n Mauve is a bright purply pink.  

All three shades I own:

Have you tried these lipsticks?

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Makeup :: theBalm Nude'tude eyeshadow palette

When I saw this palette on the Internet I knew I had to have it. I was sceptical about getting it in Poland as theBalm is not very popular and available only in few stores but finally I've got it in December and been using it since.

The packaging is cardboard, there's a big mirror inside and a brush, which is rubbish to be honest. There're twelve eyeshadows great for nude makeup but you can create even more dramatic look with it. All shades have names beginning with "s". With the exception of Silly all the shadows are soft and well pigmented. In the pan Silly seems to be a nice deep brown with gold particles but on the skin it shows hardly any pigment. It can be used wet as an eyeliner though. Five shadows are matte (Sultry, Sexy, Serious, Sleek and Silly - with particles), the rest is pearl. I don't know why the black matte (Serious) doesn't look that well in the picture but it's one of my favourite black matte eyeshadows  to line my eyes. I really like the staying power of these eyeshadows - with an eyeshadow base they last all day long.

What's interesting is that theBalm released two versions of the palette - Naughty and Nice (check out theBalm website). I have the Naughty one, that is the one with the girls inside :).

theBalm Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette

theBalm Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette

theBalm Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette - swatches

Continue to see more pictures.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Makeup :: L'Oréal Rouge Caresse lipstick in 403 Hypnotic Red

One of the things I recently bought and really love is a new L'Oréal Rouge Caresse lipstick in 403 Hypnotic Red. In fact I like it so much I'd love to get other shades.

I really like the packaging, it' sleek and looks almost high-end. It's advertised (at least in Poland) as a mix of a lipstick and a lipbalm but for me is more like a tinted lip balm, it gives sheer colour and is very moisturizing. It's easy to apply even without a mirror. It has some scent to it but it's not too intense.

403 Hypnotic Red looks quite bright in a tube, but gives a sheer raspberry colour on the lips. 

L'Oréal, Rouge Caresse, 403 Hypnotic Red

Friday, March 23, 2012

Makeup :: My new love - Sephora Cream Lip Stain

Sephora Cream Lip Stain is one of my latest favourites. It's not so much a stain, rather a longlasting liquid lipstick. It' a bit shiny right after application but sets totally matte. It is highly opaque, it doesn't dry my lips like other longlasting matte lipstics do.

I have shade 01 Always Red. It's a bright red that looks great with my pale skin. Staying power of Cream Lip Stain is truly amazing. It doesn't fade or transfer and you definitely need a makeup remover to take it off.

It's not a product you can slap on in a taxi, you really need a steady hand to apply it perfectly. Otherwise you may end up looking like a clown. If you have problems with contouring the lips with it try to use a small lip brush.

Have you tried Sephora Cream Lip Stain? What's your favourite lip product at the moment?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Makeup :: Inglot, Body Pigment Powder Matte 126 + spring FOTD

Today's the first day of spring so I decided to use a neon Body Pigment Powder by Inglot in 126 that I recently bought. 

This stuff is incredibly pigmented and saturated so you need to be very careful not to stain your clothes. Inglot Body Pigment Powder is truly longlasting and doesn't fade. I applied it to my lid and to my cheeks as a blusher.

I really love those pigments! Another one I have is gold (no. 19) which I used in my New Year's Eve tutorial. I want all of them!!!

base: Lioele, Dollish Veil Vita BB, 1
concealer: theBalm, Time Balm Concealer, Lighter Than Light
blusher: Inglot, Body Pigment Powder Matte, 126

eyeshadowsL'Oréal, Colour Infaillible, 002 Hourglass Beige (inner corner), Inglot, matte 363 (lower lashline), Inglot, Body Pigment Powder Matte 126 (eyelid)
eyeliner: IsaDora, Inliner Kajal, 51 Indian Black
mascara: Max Factor, False Lash Effect

pencil: Sephora, Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil, 07 Gorgeous Peach 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Nails :: Lemonade by Orly

This nail polish screams summer. I know there's spring coming but this colour really reminds me of a sunny day on a beach. 

It's my first Orly nail polish and I have to admit I really like the brush and that Gripper Cap. I struggled a bit to apply it evenly. I don't know what's wrong with all those yellow and pastel in general nail polishes. No matter what brand or price range it's always difficult to put them on, at least for me.

Two coats, no top coat.

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