Friday, November 4, 2011

Makeup :: Essence, Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows (review)

Essence Stay All Day  Long Lasting Eyeshadows are among my favourite products since they're launch in spring. They definitely deserve a proper review.

Pretty plastic jars. I admit that Catrice Made to Stay glass jars look better, more luxurious but the material makes them heavier and easy to break. Jars close tightly so there's no danger of the shadow drying out. Colour on the lid matches the colour of the shadow making shadows easy to find in a makeup bag.

Essence cream shadows are highly opaque. Consistency is very similar to MUFE's Aqua Creams but unlike them Essence shadows dry slower so you have enough time to blend them. You can aplly them with your finger for a softer effect or with a brush, preferably synthetic, for more intensity.

They do stay all day! No creasing, no moving nor fading. Essence doesn't declare these shadows to be waterproof but they are definitely waterresistant. Rain or tears won't make them move at all. Your regular makeup remover would be enough to remove Essence shadows, you don't need anything special.

I use them on their own when I don't have time for a more sophisticated look - shadow, khol pencil, mascara and I'm done. I use them also as an eyeshadow base and then layer powder eyeshadows.

Shadows are available in six metallic shades. I wish there were some more shades!

  • 01 Coppy Right - warm coppery shade,
  • 02 Glammy Goes to... - light goldy beige, almost the same as Catrice, Made to Stay, Longlasting Eyeshadow, # 040 Lord of the Blings,
  • 03 Steel the Show - steel with purple undertones, very similar to MUFE Aqua Cream in 2,
  • 04 Stars & Stories - light silvery shade,
  • 05 Camp Rock - cool shade in between silver and green,
  • 06 Rock Chick - dark graphite with a bit of purple and green undertones.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Makeup :: New Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara

I was intrigued by this mascara and I got it right away when it reached drugstores. Honestly, it's a good mascara with a crappy brush.

The packaging is so bright, you just can't walk by it, it's so orange and so bulky. The brush is humongous, just look at the picture below. Does it make mascara application more efficient? Unfortunately no. It doesn't separate my lashes, doesn't make them more voluminous or anything. The fact that it's so huge makes it also difficult to manoeuvre and you can easily stain all eye area. The only way to get really nice lashes (but still natural looking) with this mascara is to use another brush because mascara itself is quite decent. It's kind of thick and wet which makes it easy to apply evenly. It doesn't make eyelashes stiff or crispy which I hate. It also doesn't flake and last all day.

1 - Catrice, Lashes to Kill Ultra Black Volume Mascara
2 - Rimmel, Volume Flash ScandalEyes Mascara
3 - Max Factor, False Lash Effect

1 - Catrice, Lashes to Kill Ultra Black Volume Mascara
2 - Rimmel, Volume Flash ScandalEyes Mascara

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