Monday, October 17, 2011

Makeup :: The Body Shop, 4-Step Smoky Eyes, 02 Golden Brown

New 4-Step Smoky Eyes palettes by The Body Shop have been launched this month. There are to versions: 01 Silver Black and 02 Golden Brown. I bought the second one as it might be used for daily makeup. 

Palette is packed in a cardboard box, the brush and mini kohl pencil are visible through cut (I recommend to wash the brush before using.) There are step by step instructions on the back of the packaging, unfortunetly picture only. I think a flyer or a sticker on the actual palette would be much more useful, because once you throw away the carton packaging you're throwing away instructions as well.

The palette itself is very elegant and luxurious-looking. Glossy black with golden elements looks really expensive. The packaging is easy to open, there's a nice mirror inside and a place for the brush and kohl pencil. The palette dimensions are identical to the 'Brush With Fashion' ones, but shadows are a bit smaller (2 g instead of 2,2 g).

In Golden Brown palette there are two pearl shades (champagne and brown), one matt (dark brown) and one cream (golden highlighter). The shadows are excellent - velvety, well-pigmented, longlasting, blendable and with no fall-out, which is a nice change after a few weeks of using mostly Sleek eyeshadow palettes.

I was a bit disappointed with the mini kohl pencil (Rich Brown), because for unknown reasons, it is harder and drier than the same shade from Boho Beauty eyeshadow palette from Brush With Fashion LE. It's not suitable for the water line.

Another thing is that's difficult to create smoky eyes look with only one brush, if you want to follow instructions on the package (first you use light shadow, then darker, then the darkest, and in the end cream highlighter). In fact it's difficult even if you have two brushes and I think you'd nead at least four brushes - one to apply the lightest shade, another to apply two darker shades, a blending brush and a synthetic brush to apply the cream highlighter. However, using this palette you can create some "one brush" looks, not necessarily smokey eyes. Either way it's good quality brush.

There are two palettes available: 01 Silver Black and 02 Golden Brown.

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