Friday, June 3, 2011

Nails :: Q by Colour Alike, # 102 [NOTD]

A few days ago I received a nail polish from a Polish brand Barbra Cosmetics from their Q by Colour Alike range. Shade 102 is a gorgeous deep coral (more orange than pink) with tiny golden shimmer in it. A beautiful nail polish for summer.

It's my first Colour Alike nail polish and I'm really surprised by the quality of it. It has a great formula, coverage is good even with one coat, it dries quick and the brush is easy to use. It lasted on my nails for three days with absolutely no chipping.

Colour Alike nail polishes are available in Barba on-line shop (Polish only :-/ ).


  1. Kolorek jest genialny i świetnie wygląda <3

  2. musze sie kiedyś skusić na zakup

  3. Śliczny kolorek idę zobaczyć cóż mają za ciekawe produkty w tym sklepiku :-)

  4. Świetny kolorek:) Uwielbiam lakiery CA:)


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