Friday, May 13, 2011

Nails :: Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, 11 Sonic Bloom [NOTD]

I realised I didn't use this spring one of my last year's favourites - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish in 11 Sonic Bloom. It looks a bit darker than in the picture below - it's a deep colour with cool undertones. It really catches the eye. It's both elegant and intriguing and looks great also on toes.

All the nail polishes in this line dry out quite fast (hence the name) but the fact that the brush applies a thick coat of polish makes the drying time longer. It doesn't mean that you can't use it 15 minutes before going out.

One coat gives an incredible coverage. Seriously this is the best coverage I know. Sonic Bloom gives a nice creme finish but if you want to be sure it won't fade or turn matte apply a top coat (that applies to every nail polish in my opinion).

The brush is a bit controversial. It's thick and flat, very similar to Rimmel brush but stiffer though still flexible. Is it good or bad depends on your personal preferences, your manual skills, size of your nailes and consistency of the nail polish. In my case the third try was a success because I have small nails and it was really hard not to paint cuticles.


  1. Bardzo ładny kolor.
    Co do promo w Sephorze, to wczoraj byłam i tak jak przypuszczałam : w mojej same rozwarstwione starocie i na dodatek dwa kolory na krzyż.
    Ale po Twojej recenzji chyba się przejadę do jeszcze jednej ;)
    Buziaki :*

  2. Iwetto, wczoraj w Sephorze w Galerii Krakowskiej było chyba siedem świeżutkich boskich odcieni. Nie wiem skąd jesteś, ale radzę Ci zrobić rajd po Sephorach albo Naturach, na pewno coś fajnego upolujesz ;-).

  3. kurcze musze je wyprobowac jak bede w PL szkoda ze poki co nie ma ich jescze w UK :/

  4. Piękny kolor! :-) Lubię takie głębokie czerwienie.


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