Friday, April 15, 2011

Nails :: How to quickly repair your manicure

You've probably been in one of these situations before

1. You're going out, your freshly painted nails look so pretty... You're in such a hurry and suddenly you see that there are texture imprints in the polish because it wasn't dry enough...


2. You're going out, everything's ready - hair, perfect makeup... Oh no! You're nail polish is chipping off!

Should you take it off? No! Take a cracking top coat (I used IsaDora Graffiti Nail Top in 806 Subway Green). Paint you're nails with it covering every bit that's damaged. Don't worry, these top coats dry out very fast. Next paint your nails with a high shine quick drying top coat (I used Prismatic Effect from Catrice because the holographic effect it gives makes Subway Green more like a teal). Done! Instead of hiding your hands in your pockets you can show off your manicure!


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