Sunday, April 10, 2011

Makeup :: Spiring lips

Spring is here. And even if it's cold and windy you can always use colour to make it feel more like spring.

One of the biggest trends this spring are coral, peachy and orange lips. Lipstics I had chosen turned out to be quite similar to each other, only prices differ. The cheapest one is Miss Sporty Perfect Color Lipstick in 054 Read My Lips, more pricey but still on the budget is the lightest and most intense in color Inglot Lipstick no. 858, the most expensive is MAC Lipstick in Crosswires. In fact Read My Lips is a dupe of Crosswires. For those who prefer lipglosses I recommend affordable SunClub Refreshing & Moisturizing Lipgloss SPF 6 in 09 Sunkiss Coral from Essence.

MAC Lipstick, Crosswires
Honestly nothing special - pretty packaging, beautiful colour, great taste but longevity and moisturizing properties only average. So more or less everything you can find in cheaper brands. I suppose it's the first and the last MAC lipstick in my makeup collection - for its price I could buy a few cheaper brand lipsticks.

Miss Sporty Perfect Color Lipstick, Read My Lips
Great value for money. Pretty colour, smell and taste very nice (watermelon?), average longevity, nice packaging - a bit too cheap and I suppose not very durable but if it breaks you can afford to buy another one.

Inglot Lipstick, 858
Nice taste and smell, professional looking tube. Affordable, enormous range of shades (about 200 I believe). It dries my lips a bit though, could be more creamy. Nice colour, quite longlasting, great as a lip stain.

Essence, Refreshing & Moisturizing Lipgloss SPF 6, 09 Sunkiss Coral
Even if you prefer lipglosses over lipstics you can get spring coraly lips. Essence lipgloss in 09 Sunkiss Coral gives a hint of colour and brings your face to life.

Don't forget about your nails! My recommendations are: Glam Wear in 403 from Polish brand Bell, Miss Sporty in 326, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 11 Sonic Bloom, Catrice in 170 I Scream Peach! or 030 Meet Me At Coral Island. 


  1. Wspaniała recenzja! Uwielbiam porównania firm tańszych i droższych bo dzięki temu tacy jak ja mogą zaoszczędzić sporo gotówki przeznaczając ją na coś innego :) Miałam kupić pomadkę z MACa, ale skoro nie różni się wiele od tych tańszych to... :P Pozdrawiam!

  2. Dzięki ;-)

    Pomadki MAC w dodatku mają tylko 3 g, dla porównania pomadki Catrice 3,8 g, a Inglot i Isadora 4,5 g. Więc w ogóle MAC jest drogi. Moim zdaniem jeśli coś kupować z MACa to tylko rzeczy naprawdę unikalne i niezastępowalne. Zamiast kupować jedną macową pomadkę kup kilka innych rzeczy - zamiast jednej radości będziesz miała ich kilka :-).

  3. Też jestem tego samego zdania - jak już wydawać pieniądze to dobrze :)


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