Saturday, April 30, 2011

Makeup :: Sephora Lash Amplifier

I really hate when mascara glues together my lashes. You can fight it with combs, brushes or choose a non clumpy mascara. I have another issue with my lashes - they're long and I always have mascara imprinted on my lids. It's so annoying especially if you have great makeup on your eyes and it gets spoiled by those little mascara dots.

I discovered recently a wonderfull Sephora gadget called Lash Amplifier. You place it on your lid and apply mascara. At first it was a bit difficult for me but it's a matter of practice. Mascara doesn't smudge, lashes are separated (the comb side is completely unnecessary), long and voluminous. It's also great on bottom lashes. I wonder how could I live without it! I've seen on You Tube people using a piece of plastic (for example a credit card which is really gross considering all the bacteria on it) but Lash Amplifier is specially curved and small which makes it much easier to use. There's one thing on a packaging that's not tru: it doesn't curl lashes. If you want to them curled use an eyelash curler beforehand.

How to use it:
"1. Place the curved part at the level of the upper lashes to protect the eyelid. Apply layers of mascara and load your lashes by pressing the curved part.2. If necessary, use the comb side to separate your lashes.3. You can repeat the same procedure at the root of the lower lashes."


  1. Ale fajne! Ja też zawsze jak maluję sobie rzęsy to sobie umaluję też powiekę :/ Szkoda, że nie ma u mnie Sephory, ale przy najbliższej wizycie może się zaopatrzę :)

  2. świetne, widziałam coś podobnego dawno temu na azjatyckich blogach i zastanawiałam się kiedy u nas wprowadzą takie coś; też mam ciągle umazane powieki :/

  3. cudowny gadżet! i na moich rzęsach działa jak zalotka:P świetnie działa w ogóle:)


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