Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Makeup :: Obsessed with Inglot eyeshadows

One day I decided to buy Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette. The shop assistant gave me a magnetic pad to put on eyeshadows I pick. She also told me that a palette might consist of two, four, five or ten eyeshadows. Ten? Really? I thought it was impossible to pick that much. I started picking and choosing and after a while I realised that there are 12 pans on my pad. About a month later I went to Inglot again to buy another palette (5 eyeshadows max I thought). Did I buy a bigger palette? Yes. Was it my second and last palette? No... Now I have five palettes, 10 square eyeshadows each, which gives total of 50 eyeshadows. A lot? Well, Inglot website says there are 158 colours and shades of Freedom System eyeshadows so definitely I'm gonna need some more...

The quality of these shadows is great - soft, creamy, blendable, affordable. I also love the packaging because it's modern, stackable, the lid is transparent so I can see what's inside and . Inglot eyeshadows are paraben free and not tested on animals (however I don't know if third party manufacturers test on animals).

My palettes:

Basic neutral

Neutral no. 2


Berries & co.



  1. a ja sie martwilam ze przeginam maja 2 duze palety inglota;) wciaga:D


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