Thursday, April 14, 2011

Makeup :: Manhattan, Go4Big Lashes Mascara & Soft Mat Lipcream

I bought two Manhattan Cosmetics products recently. I just thought I'd give the company a second chance after they discontinued my favourite eye pencil :-).

Manhattan, Go4Big Lashes Mascara

I bought this mascara only because the description on the packaging was quite tempting and there was a huge discount:

"Go for big lashes - expressive volume, maximum length and perfect definition in one. The innovative multi dimension brush even reaches small lashes in the eye corners. Ophthalmologically tested."

It also contains "nourishing panthenol and vitamin E". It's quite similar to one of my all time favourites - False Lash Effect Mascara from Max Factor. It's really black, the brush is rubber and makes mascara application really easy (but be careful, the brush is quite stiff, like in Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara so don't poke yourself in the eye!). The effect is simply beautiful - long, voluminous, defined lashes, exactly the way I love. It doesn't flake. I like the packaging - because of its colour I can easily find it in my makeup bag. It closes with a click so I know that it's closed and won't dry out. The same day I also got Catrice Cosmetics Lashes to Kill Ultra Black Mascara which I thought would be better. But suprisingly it wasn't!

Manhattan, Soft Mat Lipcream

"Creamy soft lip cream, goes on with a velvety soft feel. With an applicator for precise application. Mat finish with extra high coverage."

It has mousse-like formula, very light, not greasy or sticky. It's really mat, longlasting, has high coverage, doesn't dry out my lips. Available in 6 shades only - mine is 54L.


  1. Kurcze teraz żałuje ,że go nie kupiłam a mnie kusił dosyć mocno :(

  2. Świetnie wygląda ta pomadka, chyba muszę się im przyjrzeć...


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