Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makeup :: Inglot, AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows

Apart from Inglot eyeshadows one of my favourite Inglot products are AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows which I have in twelve shades (when am I going to use it all up?): 31 - pearl deep green, 88 - mat black with sparkles, 75 - pearl white, 30 - light gold, 21 - purple, 14 - pearl golden beige, 12 - pearl pink beige, 52 - pearl light brown with olive sheen, 34 - pearl fuchsia, 48 - pearl coppery pink, 70 - mat teal, 85 - pearl copper with olive sheen (absolutely stunning!). The only two shades I don't like are the mat ones - black and teal. I have problem with applying them - they don't blend well, there's lots of fall out, colours aren't intensive enough. But that's the case with many mat eyeshadows I guess.

Why do I like Inglot pigments so much? Because they are multipurpose. You can use them as eyeshadows - dry or we (with water or Inglot's Duraline, which unfortunately stings my skin). Applying them on a darker shade (eg. smudged/blended black eyeliner pencil) gives a beautiful iridescent effect. You can use them wet as a metalic eyeliner. You can apply them with a small face brush on the cheekbones as a highlighter or mix with a drop of your foundation to make a cream highlighter (shades 12, 14 and 75 are perfect for my light skin). You can even add the pigment to your nail polish (but shake well each time you want to apply it) to make it more sparkly and oplacescent. As I mentioned before I'm not sure if I'd be able to use all my pigments up not only because I have so many of them, but also because you need a really tiny amount. The packaging is nice and elegant. I don't own any MAC pigments but I don't feel any need to.

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