Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nails :: Catrice 540 Am I Blue or Green & Essence 71 Wanna Kiss [NOTD]

I've tried to paint my nails today with a new nail polish from Catrice in 540 Am I Blue or Green? It says "2 coats" on the bottle but hey, it's quite normal, right? First coat was terrible - uneven, with awful smudges and brush strokes marks. I usually put two coats so I wasn't surprised - some nail polishes are like that. I put the second coat and the effect was terrible again! The third coat finally covered my nails but they looked disguisting. I have weak and uneven nails and this nail polish emphasized everything that I would like to hide. It's 12th Catrice nail polish in my collection and the first one so disappointing. 

So I took another nail polish that had been waiting for its turn: Essence in 71 Wanna Kiss. A really pretty cold pastel pink. I put two coats - no smudges. Great value for money!

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