Thursday, April 28, 2011

Makeup :: Astor Perfect Stay Transferproof Lip Tint & Care

I got Perfect Stay Transferproof Lip Tint & Care Astor in 103 Rosewood Blush as a gift. I wanted to try out this product. However I was a bit concerned that the tint would be too runny or dry out my lips. Fortunately there are no such problems.

Using this marker you can fill in the lips within seconds. It sinks into the skin instantly, doesn't move or transfer. But you have to really take care of your lips and make sure they are smooth and properly moistened. Lip tint emphasised every imperfection I wasn't even aware of (you can probably see it in the picture). So remember to exfoliate your lips beforehand. Just take a bit of your lip balm on a cotton bud and massage your lips. After applying lip tint apply the balm that's on the other end of the marker. It gives a nice shine and protects the lips against drying out. The effect is more like a lip gloss but stays on much longer than an average lip gloss. It really is transferproof! Once applied stays in place. It's not sticky which is a great news for every girl who likes to wear her hair loose - there's no worse combination that loose hair, a sticky lip gloss and blowing wind...

The shade  103 Rosewood Blush suits me very well - it's quite dark pink that doesn't make me look like a vampire or a goth.

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  1. Rosewood też mi podpasował. Lubię ten chłodny róż, najlepiej w połączeniu z soczystym błyszczykiem Stay with me 05 I like cotton candy Essence :-) Tyle, że to opcja na większe wyjście, na co dzień wolę jasne usta :-)


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